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Apr. 25th, 2011

Life is so good with Chris around

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Apr. 4th, 2011

Life has been crazy. It's scary having something so wrong with you. But you have no idea what or how to fix it. I was in bed for about a week with a constant headache and dizziness that made me feel like I was going to pass out at any moment. Good news? I finally went to the doctor and found out what was wrong. It's nothing serious. Just a condition that throws me into vertigo.

I got my acceptance letters for a few different colleges and now it's time to figure out my life. I could easily stay here and go to statton uni...but UCLA is so tempting. I guess I really need to talk to my boy.

Anyways. This is it for now. Keep it real everyone.

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Update will be here after saint Patricks day shenanigans!!!

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Feb. 28th, 2011

Sigh. Im over being alone right now. I need friends.

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Feb. 9th, 2011

Oh this thing again. I hate the fact I always get nudged but I'm the biggest procrastinator in the history of the universe. It's bad that I'd rather watch movies, and end up staying up all night to write a paper. Thank god for coffee. I found this coffee shop near the university that has blackberry white mochas. I can't even begin to describe how delicious they are. Or how fast they became my new addiction. I've spent a lot of time alone these past few weeks. I feel like I should of become more time efficient, but instead it seems like it takes forever to get to the next day.

I've become more at peace with myself. I feel like I've jumped from one serious relationship to the next without ever having me time. I wish more then anything my boy wasn't busy, but it's the way life goes. Part of me feels like I should take advantage of this. Next year when we're living together I won't be able to get away from his stinky ass. Chris's birthday is on Friday though. I'm excited, I have a date planned, so we'll see if we actually can go out then. I'm failing at his birthday present.

It'll all work out though. It's hard to believe this is seven months going. I've made some wonderful friends this year, and before I leave this god forsaken town I hope to let you all know just how much you mean to me. I wish I knew what my future has to hold. But I feel positive as to where it's heading. Stop to appreciate what you have and those you love, and let go of any doubts or feelings of what you wish you had. It's the only way of feeling true happiness.

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Hmm. This will be a short update. Perhaps more will be elaborated at a later date. I'm also leaving this post unlocked so anons ask me any question you want and I'll answer it truthfully no matter what it is in my next update.

I hate being the girl that is a little lost without her boyfriend. Though I'm not lost and I have lots of amazing friends. I just can't wait to be reunited with Chris. Which will happen this Friday when we plus Alex, Tyler and Mat? And whoever else, are going Disneyworld for the weekend.

Am I excited? Fuck yes! And don't worry, me and Chris won't pull a Friends and get a lifetime ban for trying to have sex on it's a small world.

Haha. Anyways I'm gonna go watch another special on Disneyworld to get pumped. I so want to get a room at the Animal Kingdom hotel.

For those too lame to leave me an anon question, tell me what's your fav Disney movie/ ride from Disneyland or disneyworld
Name: Kristen Stewart
Age/Grade: 17/senior
AIM screen name: kristen inferno
Photo for the student directory (please use a decent-quality picture that shows your face in a yearbook-quality pose):http://i36.tinypic.com/mli8l.jpg
Students take the core courses listed for their grade and choose electives from any of the specialties as follows: freshman and sophomores choose three electives, juniors choose four electives, and seniors choose five electives. Please list the elective courses you wish to take: Astronomy and the Universe, Theater, Comedey Improvisation, Photography, Art History
Why do you wish to attend Statton Prep? I start at Statton back in Spring Semester. This summer I was unsure just where I wanted to go for my Senior year but I feel like Statton is the best fit.
Describe an experience (positive or negative) that you feel has strongly influenced you and tell us why. When I was younger, my parents adopted two boys to join our family. At first, I was very hesitant, I already had one older brother who seemed to enjoy terrorizing me. I will admit, as a child I wasn't too kind to these new kids joining our family. After being able to tolerate it, one of my brothers Taylor, we began getting closer. We were very close in age so went to the same schools, and he was always one to protect me. He was the first person to sit me down and try to teach me how to play guitar. If it wasn't for being force to live with these complete strangers, I would of been completely jaded in thinking that family can only come from blood. It redefined the way I look at not only those brought into my family, but my friends who give me the same feelings.
What’s your favorite book? Catcher in the Rye
What’s your favorite movie? Across the Universe
What’s your favorite TV show? Dexter
Which of your extracurricular activities do you like the most? Why? Theater, recently I've really started to love my appreciation for the dramatics, and everything that goes into a stage production. Not just including, make up, lights, sounds, and set building.
Which extracurricular activity that you have not yet tried would you like to try at Statton Prep? Why? Yoga, for a PE class I could just see having a time through out my day where I was allowed to just relax and learn to stretch my body to keep my positive energy alive.
What’s your favorite subject in school? History
Which subject do you wish you liked better? Math, I'm terrible at it.
Whom do you admire the most? Why? I admire my dad the most. Both he and my mom have professions in Hollywood, but never once has my dad put work, fame or any of that in front of his family. If for nothing else, I admire him because I know I can always talk to him.
What do you do to relax? Read, write sometimes, or go for a walk.
What website do you visit most frequently? Why? facebook, I like being in connection to everyone. Tetris gamin is fun too.
Do you have siblings? If so, tell us about them. I have three older brothers, two of which are adopted. I'm fairly close to all of them despite our age gap.
Where is your favorite place? on the beach, or just anywhere pretty
What is your favorite food? pesto pasta or sushi
(OOC) Is your character a PB? no
(OOC) Anything else we should know about your character? no
(OOC) Please submit a RP sample:

kristen inferno (1:07:46 AM): Kristen was disgustingly hot once they got out of Bakersfield, so she opted to go for a drink or two at Angels and Kings, but eventually found herself back at Alex's hotel room to shower, take some aspirin, smoke a bowl and just generally relax. She had done quite a bit of traveling, but it was worth it. Kristen was laying on the large bed flipping through the channels when she heard the knock, and pushed herself off the bed. She pulled down the short teal little nightslip she had on to go get the door. She pulled it open and smirked at him, "do I know you?" she asked pretending to give him a confused look.

their response

kristen inferno (1:15:13 AM): Kristen rolled her eyes when he told her to shut up, but she did remain silent until he was in the room and she shut the door. "are you feeling okay though?" she said concerned, ever since the first time she met with Alex on tour she always felt the need to watch his drinking and make sure he was okay. Sometimes, she even wondered if he knew it limits but it came from being young. Kris would just rather stay sober and make sure Alex didn't end up miserable because he got sick. "I'll make it better I promise." she said softly, leaning down on the bed to place a small kiss to his lips before she got up. She walked into the bathroom and grabbed one of the glasses, filling it with water. She brought it out to the bed and held it out, "drink this whole glass of water kay? you'll feel loads better." she said with a nod. Kristen shifted to sit on the edge of the bed, holding the glass out for Alex while her other hand moved to run through his hair.
I'm over being single, so i'm officially taking boyfriend application. I'm anoning this post so you can tell me whatever, but more importantly...ask me questions for my next update. I'll answer anything! 

oh, i'm also screening the comments, but only the questions will be left screened.

go ahead, ask me anything. I dare you.
I'm bored.....so ask me questions anon I promise to be truthful :)